Safe (2020 Australian Fires Mix - ALL PROCEEDS TO CHARITY)

by Cask



I wrote Safe in December of 2018 whilst recording in Queensland. Fires were raging in Central QLD and with Surviving on Borrowed Time a concept album about destruction, I thought of how difficult it must have been for those in the state and how irritating it was (to me at least) that everyone was using the devastation to vent their political blames. I personally have no educated opinion on climate change and believe that a disaster is a disaster – regardless of the cause. People had lost everything they had. There was even a tragic story of a QLD undertaker leaving the body of a stillborn child on the roof of his vehicle, preoccupied by the events that were consuming the state.

I considered how horrible it must be to feel safe, but lose it all and so it only makes sense that I dedicate a song inspired by the Australian bushfires, the firefighters, wildlife volunteers and those who have “nothing more to take” to a selection of reputable charity organisations.
I have friends who work hard to save the homes of total strangers during such crucial times and I am far too fortunate to truly know what it is like to be ensnared in a catastrophe of this scale.

I believe money raised is not a competition or an achievement that should be boasted about and being a small player, I don’t expect to raise millions but every tiny bit counts.
This new mix and recording of Safe was made possibly by Alan L. Williamson at IvoryFlyer Studios in the United Kingdom who generously donated his studio time.

All proceeds from the sale of the single Safe on Bandcamp will go directly to OzHarvest who will provide food for those affected by the fires and droughts across the country, National Bushfire Disaster Appeal, and the Bushfire Emergency Wildlife Fund 2020 which will provide much needed veterinary assistance.

The single is priced at 2 Australian dollars and you will have the opportunity to pay more for it should you wish to.


All we ever dreamed of having
Now ashes below our eyes
A nightmare now actualised
And all we thought was hopeless, though we survived
But at great loss, with no reason why
And we are, we are safe
But what now, there’s nothing more to take?
And all we thought only happened to other families
Has now happened to you and me
Let it out. Breathe in Slowly. Let it out.
You don't even know me. There's nothing more. I've got nothing to give.


released January 11, 2020
Mixed from new and old recordings in January 2020 at DefinitveAudio Studios, QLD Australia and IvoryFlyer Studios, UK by Alan L. Williamson


all rights reserved



Cask Australia

Cask J. Thomson is an English musician, singer, songwriter and graphic designer most closely associated with the progressive rock and metal genres. In 2018 he released his progressive rock epic "Life is a Terminal Illness" with his latest album "Surviving on Borrowed Time", described as the first part in a "tragic dystopian trilogy" releasing in January 2020 ... more

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