Surviving on Borrowed Time

by Cask



released January 2, 2020

Music and lyrics
Cask J. Thomson
Mastering engineer on tracks 2-12
Alan L. Williamson
Doc James Chillblains
IvoryFlyer Studios - Isle of Wight, United Kingdom
Mixing engineer
Alan L. Williamson
DefinitiveAudio Studios - Queensland, Australia
IvoryFlyer Studios - Isle of Wight, United Kingdom
Additional Vocal Effects on Track 9
Christian Donovan


all rights reserved



Cask Australia

Cask J. Thomson is an English musician, singer, songwriter and graphic designer most closely associated with the progressive rock and metal genres. In 2018 he released his progressive rock epic "Life is a Terminal Illness" with his latest album "Surviving on Borrowed Time", described as the first part in a "tragic dystopian trilogy" releasing in January 2020 ... more

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Track Name: Into the Night
Headlights blinding me, the sirens as they wail
I tried braking but to no avail
I swear I didn't see you there; I think I fell asleep
But only for a split second, I've been drinking all week
Into the night running
Trying to get to you
I saw the lights coming
Flashing red and blue
Into the night running
And I can't get through
But I owe my soul and
There's nothing I can do.
I saw the devil and she said I did okay [you did okay]
She said "I'm sorry but it has to be this way" [it has to be this way?]
I just shrugged it off, said the debts all mine
"But you left a witness now go out while there's still time"
Track Name: Hourglass
You've always wanted to leave your mark
But I can't let you rewind
When you've finally achieved something
You've run out of time
I was always wasted by you
I'm no longer on your side
And I have two hands against you
You've got to keep your right

As the hour glass is fading
I will be right here just waiting
If you ever try defeat me
You will regret it; you need me

I cannot be stopped
And I seldom stand still
In me you will get lost
And in me you can fill
You can never have enough
Just keep on watching the clock
And you are forever pressed for me
And you will not be unstuck
You can never defeat me
Let's just face it, you need me.
Track Name: Reaper
Don’t look back just keep driving forward
They will lose us in time
What the hell are we living for yeah?
Just close your eyes
I know they won’t catch up
We’re gonna be alright
I know it, they won’t touch us

I don’t fear the reaper
I don’t fear anything
Content with what we’ve done
We will move forward
It’s alright, we’ve time

It’s alright baby I am watching over you
You cry “but what can we do?”
There are things that they won’t reveal to us
They run the world, they built the world, they own the world
I don’t feel it in my soul
But I feel it in my heart, It’s worth it still!

They know They know we’re in their sight, I feel it in my head
I’ll watch over you, I know we’ll be fine, yeah in good time.

I just wanna move forward
You can run away but you cannot escape
Track Name: Blood in Utopia
I was in love once and she betrayed me; left me beaten and bruised
Drove me to drink away my misery for a life I did not choose
And you don't know what it's like to see yourself die and know there's blood in utopia.
And of this dark we created humanity raped, abused and castrated
And out of something good comes something worse
You prepare the noose and I'll get the hearse
And you don't know what it's like to see yourself die and know there's blood in utopia.
And you don't know what to say; sit back and watch the world decay - you know there's blood in utopia.

Mothers lay your babies to sleep and sing them a lullaby
Tell them you're proud of who they became and then softly close their eyes

And you don't know what to say; not like it matters anyway - you know there's blood in utopia!
Track Name: Safe
All we ever dreamed of having
Now ashes below our eyes
A nightmare now actualised
And all we thought was hopeless, though we survived
But at great loss, with no reason why
And we are, we are safe
But what now, there’s nothing more to take?
And all we thought only happened to other families
Now the blame lays on you and me
And we thought we were safe
But what now, there's nothing more to take?
Let it out!
Let it out, breathe in slowly
Let it out, you don’t even know me.
There’s nothing more.
Track Name: Rejected Redemptions
I was always a good man; I always did what I was told
An asset to the community; I never lied, cursed or stole
Well I gave you my everything
And I gave you my word
And I prayed every night to you
I guess you mustn't have heard
I guess it doesn't mean a thing (no longer does it matter)
Because I lay here saying farewell (I write this to you)
My first redemption (This will be my last)
My journey to hell (take my soul as it is)
And I still believed in you (oh trust me I still do)
When you didn't believe in me
What more can I give? I've given everything!
Track Name: End of Impossible
Come into my room; clothes unravelled
I'm sweaty and naked on the floor
The darkness glooms from the ceiling
It's bloody and it's wanting more
My only wish was to be with you
and now I am sober
There were so many things that I wanted to do
So many things to show her
Come into my room, from the highway
you'll see my house on the hill
The lights are off and the doors unlocked
but you'll know I'm there still
The end of impossible is plagued
The distance between us is safe
It’s safe
Turn to the house, from the highway and you’ll see me wave on the hill
I’m covered in blood and I’m pretty messed up, but you’ll know it’s me still
My only wish was to show you a world that you had yet to see
But now I think of all the times in the moments that we ceased to be.
The end of impossible is plagued
The distance between us is safe
It’s safe
My heart is shattered
But yours is raped
I hope you come to get me today
I’ve got no bones left for you to break
Oh, won’t you come into my room
I dare you
Oh, won’t you come into my house
I dare you
I thought we were safe
Lights and sirens on the highway
They found my body on the hill
They did not know the cause of death, but they said it was too early to tell
I guess in some ways you could argue that my death was heaven-sent
But you know I fought for everything in our final moments
Track Name: Cataclysm in Winter
I should have known better and she shouldn’t have been so surprisedThe signs were there and yet I found myself none the wiseShe was on top of it all, while I just sat there naive We'd seen things that you just wouldn't believeBodies scattered all around, and nations destroyedCities burning, armies deployedWe will hide from the warStop at nothing at allI swear this to be trueIf they come here, I will fight Give you all my supplies
I will happily die for youNo one paid attention to the warnings broadcast on the televisionMost just took it as a bluff, until they evacuated the prisonsMothers still in mourning from the casualties only a week priorSupermarket shelves remain empty, looted from the ceasefire Children sent to the army and families torn apartIf only they knew that the war had yet to startThe panic grew louder, we watched from underground Gunshots and screaming, while we were safe and sound The internet disconnected, and no mobile phone receptionWe just sat there waiting in our own personal detentionBut then a came a visitor to the tiny rooftop windowHis face covered in blood and the whitest of snow “Do we trust him? What if he’s with the enemy?”“We have to be vigilant, and ignore all adversaries”“What if the coast is clear? We cannot survive much longer”As the sun begins to melt the snow, and possibilities were ponderedHis skull exploding across the surface, he was trying to warn us!As the shadows covered the viewing screen, seemingly amorphous…

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